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Love Letter for a Bean ~ August 2011

Laughing w/YaYa at your birthday party

(These posts are inspired by Touchstonez & SausageMama – if you blog and you’re interested in posting a monthly letter to your kiddos, you can grab the badge to join in here).

My dearest girl,

You have been one for almost a week now. Every time I think about it my heart fills up with love and my eyes well up with tears…I wonder what I’ve ever done to deserve such an amazing gift as you…

I know that whenever you eventually read these letters, you’re gonna think your mama is a total sap, but that’s OK. You’ll understand if/when you decide to have your own little ones…this mother’s love that is so piercing it is almost painful.

I know I’ve said it before, but if there is anything I could wish for you Bean, it is that you will always know love from me and from your daddy…that though we will blunder and make mistakes, they won’t be big enough or bad enough to cause you to doubt our love for you.

I can see it now…the amazing confidence you have, resting in the assurance of the love of your family. There is no question in your mind that you are never alone, day or night. What a blessing to be able to give this to you…even when it is not me personally who always gets to be there with you now, yet still you are surrounded by your family always. Read the rest of this entry »

Posting In Gratitude 8/2/11

Pineapple 23

Image via Wikipedia

I’m joining in with Amandra Metro (and a few others now – TouchstoneZ, SchmoopyBaby and I believe One Rich Mother) - in being thankful until “I absolutely exude gratitude”.

Kind of funny because I must admit, my attitude has not been much one of gratitude this week!

And I’m starting to see more and more how much that has to do with NOT focusing on the things I can be grateful for.

So I’m being a bit more intentional about this this week – building on my post from last week in sharing 5 things I am grateful for from over the past 7 days – and planning to come back to this again when I’m starting to feel like things aren’t going my way (I hate it when things don’t go my way!) ;).

I really would love to get the place where I feel and come across as grateful more often than not…and where it wouldn’t matter so much to me if life doesn’t always go exactly the way I want it to (hmmm…maybe I should have learned that by now?)…At any rate…

Here it goes: Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Sunday Sunday… Surf

Candlelit dinner  Le 313 - Hotel du Louvre 2

Image by Earth Hour Global via Flickr

What a weekend it has been…

The husband and I had our first date in over 9 months yesterday – we went to see X-Men in the afternoon while Bean had a visit with her grandparents.

It was a great movie and a lot of fun, though I do still think it’s going to be awhile before both of us will be OK to leave her at night, I have my eye on a fancy Mexican restaurant for when the next date does come around!

I actually did leave Bean overnight with her daddy last night - the first night I’ve ever spent away from her. I went downtown to celebrate a friend’s birthday – as both of us can’t go to such things at this point, we’ve decided to start some sort of alternating schedule and I guess you could say it was ‘my turn’.

I knew it would be a late night and I driving downtown isn’t easy for me at the best of times, so I decided to crash at my friend’s and come home early.

I must say, it’s possible that I’m just lucky and I’m certainly not taking a huge amount of credit here (especially because I know how easily it could all turn on me) but I really do think the fact that I rarely left the Bean during her first months of life has helped make her into such a secure little one - we have experienced no kind of separation anxiety thus far that I have seen.

Leaving her is certainly not something I’m going to make a regular habit of just yet, but as I will be returning to work sooner than later it’s something I feel a need for both of us to start getting used to, slowly and steadily. So far I’m happy to say it seems to be working out well!

Now I’m just hoping I won’t be eating those words lol.

With that, here’s some of my very favorite posts I’ve been reading over the past couple weeks… Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Surf on Monday

I really wanted to do a Sunday Surf yesterday (I’ve been reading so many amazing posts this week!) but I was just too tired from a crazy busy – but very fun – weekend.

Saturday I was at the home of relatives expecting their first baby very soon. They’ve been renovating an amazing old house for close to 5 years now (and doing an incredible job!) but with their own little bean on the way, things are shifting into high gear and they organized a work party to get some things taken care of.

So the husband and Bean had a daddy daughter bonding day and I did some painting!

It was a fun little switch, and it sounds weird but I feel so cool to have taken part in ‘flipping’ a house – small part though it was. :)

Mother’s Day dawned gorgeously – finally a day that was truly sunny and warm!

Husband made me breakfast (bacon and eggs – yum!) and then we went for a long walk to work off breakfast. When we got home Bean was ready for a nap and we noticed exactly how many weeds had sprung up in our little front yard garden over the past week, so we did a little yard work and made it all pretty.

I then got inspired and decided to mow the lawn, so the front and back yards actually look presentable for once (we moved here last summer when I was pregnant and I could count on my hand the number of times we got the lawn taken care of…I’m sure our neighbors will be happier this year lol).

I also got started on my straw bale garden! I probably should have begun before now, but life intervenes… Read the rest of this entry »

What is Crunchy?


Image by efedefoto via Flickr

What is crunchy?

Kind of a funny word, first of all. :)

I first discovered it when I started obsessively reading parenting blogs and websites with the coming of my daughter. It’s a word that definitely has more than one definition when you apply it to people, but this is what I’ve boiled it down to for me:

An ‘Attachment’ parenting style. A healthy lifestyle. A more natural way of living.

You might also find it grouped along with words like hippie, natural, granola…all those types my husband definitely never aspired to be (but guess who’s currently heading full tilt in that direction?)

I will admit that I’ve always sort of aspired to being this type of person, but I never really managed to put in the effort.

Until now. Read the rest of this entry »

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