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Monday Menu Plan ~ February 20, 2012

Trying to get more veggies into breakfast...

After a particularly difficult week with both Bean and I not feeling our best, I’ve been extremely gratified to get the kitchen clean this weekend, as well as plan a menu and finally get signed up for our Mama Earth Organics order again!

The husband was super helpful with the kitchen too – he took the initiative to clean the nastiness out of the fridge (mainly leftovers that never got eaten :p), and filled the dishwasher several times (I wasn’t exaggerating about it being a difficult week!).

Of course, it’s been quite helpful to have an extra day off, too…why can’t every weekend be a 3-day weekend??

At any rate, here’s the plan for this week. Thanks to some organizational help from Pinterest, I’m quite excited about the breakfasts I’ve got planned. We’re also going to be making more of an effort to get things done at night that we often find ourselves scrambling to do in the morning to make sure we have time for breakfast goodness.

Fingers crossed!

Monday: Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Surf on Monday

I really wanted to do a Sunday Surf yesterday (I’ve been reading so many amazing posts this week!) but I was just too tired from a crazy busy – but very fun – weekend.

Saturday I was at the home of relatives expecting their first baby very soon. They’ve been renovating an amazing old house for close to 5 years now (and doing an incredible job!) but with their own little bean on the way, things are shifting into high gear and they organized a work party to get some things taken care of.

So the husband and Bean had a daddy daughter bonding day and I did some painting!

It was a fun little switch, and it sounds weird but I feel so cool to have taken part in ‘flipping’ a house – small part though it was. :)

Mother’s Day dawned gorgeously – finally a day that was truly sunny and warm!

Husband made me breakfast (bacon and eggs – yum!) and then we went for a long walk to work off breakfast. When we got home Bean was ready for a nap and we noticed exactly how many weeds had sprung up in our little front yard garden over the past week, so we did a little yard work and made it all pretty.

I then got inspired and decided to mow the lawn, so the front and back yards actually look presentable for once (we moved here last summer when I was pregnant and I could count on my hand the number of times we got the lawn taken care of…I’m sure our neighbors will be happier this year lol).

I also got started on my straw bale garden! I probably should have begun before now, but life intervenes… Read the rest of this entry »

The Green Chain Eco Interview for Environmental Charity

Right in our back yard

Right in our back yard

I was reading The Little Green blog this morning and I came across a post that told of a super easy way to help raise money for 3 environmental charities: Surfers Against Sewage, Trees for Cities and Young People’s Trust for the Environment.


All I had to do to join in would be to answer 8 Eco Interview questions from The Green Chain sponsored by Price Minister (a site similar to Craigslist or Kijiji) here on the blog. When I link it up, they’ll donate £10 to the charity of my choice.

How cool is that?

I checked with Mrs. Green to make sure I could participate here in Canada, and the answer she got was a go – so here it is!

1. Turning the heating down by just one degree in your house saves 240kg of CO2 a year. It would take eight trees to soak up this amount of CO2! Are you currently doing anything to make your home eco-friendly?

I had no idea one degree could make that much of a difference! Fortunately, we like to keep it pretty cool in our house. Here are a few other things we’ve done: Read the rest of this entry »

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