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Grain Free Menu Plan ~ September 10

Boiled eggs. Boiling time from left to right: ...

Boiled eggs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our journey to healthier eating we seem to have about 2 weeks out of the month that we do pretty great and 2 weeks that we do pretty awful.

I’ve got a pretty good guess on the reason for that (moon times have not been my friend lately) but in the meantime am trying to be grateful for what we have been able to do – and get the husband on board to offer more assistance in the kitchen during the weeks I’m feeling ‘off’.

The most exciting recent development for me is that I’ve finally gotten Dave to really work with me in eating a total real food diet. With his help and encouragement I know I will be that one step closer to making it work. We’re planning a grain free upcoming week and hoping to fully transition to what’s called the Paleo ‘diet’ very soon (something we’ve been doing off and on for several months now) – in our very busy schedule it seems like the strongest possibility to me to make a real food plan work.

We’ve also signed up to participate in October Unprocessed this year – should be a fun group with some great support – definitely stop by to check it out if you are interested!

In the meantime, here’s this week’s meal plan: Read the rest of this entry »

Monday Menu Plan 7/4/11

Picture of fireworks, taken by me on July 3, 2006.

Image via Wikipedia

Happy 4th of July American friends!

Random fact for you today – I am actually American born and raised - I’ve been living in Canada (thanks to my handsome Canadian husband) for close to 5 years now. Before that, I grew up in California and also lived in Minnesota for several years.

Also, the radio station I’m listening to right now is playing Violent Femmes’ American Music, which is awesome. I went to see the Violent Femmes once and it was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to, hands down. :D

Hope it’s a wonderful holiday for those of you in the US!

This week’s menu plan is a bit rushed and haphazard…I’m actually attempting to get the house clean so it’s just a quick break for blogging.

Also, we’ve kind of been awful about going grain free lately and I’m struggling with it – which I think is actually making me eat more grains/sugar than I normally would.

So this week, I’m trying to go totally sugar free (stocking up on the fruit!) and including a few grains in the menu plan, which will hopefully satisfy those cravings without causing me to go overboard.

And here it goes… Read the rest of this entry »

Monday Menu ~ 6/27/11

Retro Canadian Flag

Image by Arlo Bates via Flickr

Well I must say I was super lucky this week – I entered a giveaway from Hybrid Rasta Mama for the Against the Grains eBook written by Modern Alternative Mama, and I won! :)

Let me tell you – there are some amazing looking recipes in this book! Some will be featured in this week’s meal plan, and I want to try out just about every one eventually.

We are still attempting to go grain free as much as possible, though I’ll admit we’re far from perfect about itit is SO hard sometimes to break up this love affair with grains!

But I am starting to feel more on the icky side when I do eat grains and/or sugar – definite inspiration to continue in their limitation.

The Crunchy Convert wrote on her Facebook status the other day that her family is trying really hard to eat whole, healthy foods but as someone who was raised on processed foods, they continue to both repel and attract her.

I was kind of glad to see I’m not the only one who feels that way!

But as I responded to her (and needed to remind myself) – we have made some pretty amazing changes over the past months – and breaking the habits of a LIFETIME is something that is going to be a journey…it’s not something that’s just going to happen in a week or two.

I have to remind myself of this because I do often get frustrated when I look at my belly and see no change, or when I eat super healthy for 5 days and then just 1 or 2 days of junk eating seems to put me right back where I started. Read the rest of this entry »

Menu Plan Monday (6/20)


Image by Becky F via Flickr

It’s Monday again!

Weekends always seem to fly by in such a blur…I am looking forward to our next 3 day weekend coming up soon! But along with that, I cannot believe it is so close to July – what the heck?

As I’ll be going back to work in less than a couple months (in a coffee shop, for those who may be curious) I feel a need to really get on track with things like meal plans and household-ey type stuff – things I can easily become lazy about when I’m extra tired or stressed.

I wish I had better habits in place by now, but I have made a lot of progress and hope to continue to do so. There’s just so much I’d rather be doing most of the time than cleaning! And though I love to cook, making every meal from scratch does sometimes get wearing – I am definitely planning to start making bigger batches of things soon and freezing some for those days that I just don’t feel like cooking.

I don’t intend to ever become fanatical about it, but I do really want to start sticking to my plans more often – so with fresh Monday morning resolve, here is this week’s meal plan… Read the rest of this entry »

Monday Meal Plan – Getting Back on the Wagon


Image by NickNguyen via Flickr

What a crazy two weeks it has been…

As I sit down to (finally) write and reflect once again, I’m realizing how stressed and overwhelmed I’ve felt over the past few weeks – not that they’ve been bad – it’s just that we decided a couple weeks ago that I would take Bean and fly to the US to surprise my mom for her birthday, and in all the getting ready to go, flying, PMS :p, taking care of her without the hubs for a week…it was pretty crazy!

One thing that did help me out so much was the amazing guest post contributions I was honored to publish last week from some of my very favorite bloggers: Doula Rachel, The Cloth Diapering Mama, A Little Bit of All of It, State of the Heart Parenting, TouchstoneZ and Let’s Take the Metro. I would love for you to go check them out if you haven’t yet gotten the chance – they are so full of humor, wisdom and just all around awesomeness!

As for myself, I totally fell off the good food wagon!

Though I’ve gotten much better than I used to be, there’s just something about feeling overwhelmed that makes all my good food intentions fly right out the window. During the first 2 weeks of May I actually lost over 7 pounds for the Sparkle Mama’s weight loss challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Menu Plan Monday 5/16/2011

The Menu

The Menu

I don’t know that I’ll be on the ball enough to do this every Monday, but Julia over at A Little Bit of All of It has inspired me to give it a shot. :)

Personally, I love reading people’s menu plans as it means I can steal ideas (it’s also handy for me to come back to my blog to see what I’m supposed to be cooking. ;) )

At the moment, we are going grain free and sugar free – something that originally started out as a 2 week plan and will probably extend a bit longer than I originally thought – mainly because we are loving the results! I still think we will eventually incorporate grains back into our diet, but we’ll be making many changes to the way they are prepared and how frequently they’re consumed.

In the meantime, here’s my grain free menu plan for this week:

Breakfasts: Read the rest of this entry »

Why Hate the Grains?

Fruit & Vegetable Box

Image by karimian via Flickr

Starting Monday, May 9th, the hubs and I embarked on an experimental 2 weeks of going grain free.

There are many reasons for this. I’ve been inspired by a few bloggers and Facebook friends. I’m trying to lose weight so I can win some cloth diapers. I like to try new things. ;)

But the main motivation behind it all is that I am also – duh duh – trying to cut out sugar.

Here’s the thing…when people were first suggesting the idea of going grain free to me, I was not interested. You see, if bread was a person, I would marry him. Or her. I wouldn’t care. I adore bread. I could live off bread.

Are you getting the picture here?

But then I read this article shared by Garden Variety Mama (one of the many bloggers I heart): Is Sugar Toxic?

I had always planned to keep sugar from the Bean until she was at least 2 years old, and this article made me start thinking it would be good to cut it out for myself too. I actually don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but every so often, that mini chocolate cake in the grocery store bakery calls my name, and I usually answer.

That’s part of why my journey to become more healthy has been something of a rocky one. I’ve had many successes – only 3 diet cokes consumed over the past 2 months; fast food only once. We’ve been eating a ton more veggies and fruits, a ton more home cooked, unprocessed foods…but then I get stressed or tired or lazy or just craving and I buy crap. And then I eat it. (Lovely picture, no?). Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Update & a Sunday Surf


The Ham I Baked Today - 1950's Style Awesomeness

The Ham I Baked Today - 1950's Style Awesomeness

What a week!

Earth week, mama cloth reviews and a giveaway (still lots of time to enter!), an Earth Day Blog Carnival, guest posting at The Cloth Diapering Mama, The Great Cloth Diaper Change, and Easter!

Can I have another weekend please?

In spite of being tired (and still quite full), I feel almost ready for a new week to begin – just need a quick recap of the weekend first!

Bean came down with a bit of a cold and was miserable Friday night, so Saturday night we added some eucalyptus and lavender essential oil to the humidifier and it seemed to help quite a bit…she’s almost back to her normal self today (though we are still getting more nighttime wakeups than usual…poor Bean!). I was very thankful to mamas on Facebook for their helpful advice, though I DO have a bit of a beef to share!

Here’s the thing – I posed the exact same question on two pages (essentially: Bean has cold; natural remedies; how much oil should I put in the humidifier). On one page (an AP/natural parenting page that allows fans to post questions and get advice from other fans), I specifically stated that breastfeeding was not an option for us – I knew that if I didn’t, the answers would probably be filled with bf’ing remedies (not that I have anything at all against that – it just wasn’t something that was going to be helpful to me!). Read the rest of this entry »

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