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Bloggy Awesomeness – Sunday Surf

Boycott Nestle Brands

Image by phdinparenting via Flickr

I just got done mowing the lawn, and it is HOT outside!

The sad thing is, it’s only 9:30 in the morning. :p

Oh well – guess that makes a good BBQ day, which is what we’re doing today. That means lots of cleaning (can you tell I’m a procrastinator?) and baking a cake (we’re celebrating friends’ birthdays).

The fun thing is, I’ve gone without sugar this entire week – and I don’t think I’ll be tempted to partake of cake (as long as I make sure they bring home the leftovers!).

Yes, I’ve done grains, but right now I’m OK with it. I tried to do too much at once and it wasn’t working, and in my mind sugar is the worst offender, so I’m now dealing with that first.

One surprising help to me in avoiding the stuff has been our decision to join the Nestle Boycott – and you’ll find quite a few links on that in this week’s Sunday Surf (and there are many, many others – too many, of course, to include in this post!).

In truth, I’ve never intentionally bought much Nestle stuff, but after reading more about it this week than I ever had before, the hubs and I discussed it and decided we were on board.

In regards to what this has to do with sugar – well, I’ve never had a huge sweet tooth but chocolate has always been my greatest temptation (to which I usually give in without much of a second thought). But I also had no idea that many of our chocolate bars come to us through the means of child slave laborI think it’s one of those things I should have known but found it easy to close my eyes to.

So along with our Nestle boycotting, we’ve decided to purchase only fair trade chocolate from here on out (and will progress into doing so for other items as well)… Read the rest of this entry »

I Knew I Was a Natural Mommy When…

Mommies, daddies and fellow green enthusiasts…my name is Jessica aka Cloth Diapering Mama and it is my honor to be guest posting over here at Becoming Crunchy, as it is one of my very favorite blogs! I’m an advocate for Natural and Green Parenting and for our dear care-giver…Mother Earth. Please stop by and say hi sometime or find me on Facebook or Twitter. I hope you enjoy my post…had a little fun with this one. :)

If you’re a reader of the Becoming Crunchy blog you have undoubtedly seen the unfolding of a Natural Mommy and Daddy in Kelly and Dave. We all have a starting point. Some of us were practicing Natural Parenting before we realized that it was actually a way of life…some of us read about it and wanted in and some of us had an epiphany of sorts – or an awakening – once we were blessed with the gift of our little ones.

However you ended up HERE, know that by being a part of this community you are raising awareness and spreading the word about Natural Family Living…grass roots style…and that’s about as organic as you can get!

Here’s a little bit about my Natural and Green awakening:

I knew I was a natural mommy when…

That expensive crib turned into a GREAT laundry basket!!

  • Just didn’t feel right to put my newly emerged nursling into a separate sleep space…even with our big-boy, our first born, nearly 4 years old…cuddling, heart to heart and breath to breath remains our bed-time routine.


~Our Family Bed/Circus~ Baby says, "Mom get that camera out of my face, I'm busy bonding with my brother!"

I knew I was a natural mommy when I thought… Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Update & a Sunday Surf


The Ham I Baked Today - 1950's Style Awesomeness

The Ham I Baked Today - 1950's Style Awesomeness

What a week!

Earth week, mama cloth reviews and a giveaway (still lots of time to enter!), an Earth Day Blog Carnival, guest posting at The Cloth Diapering Mama, The Great Cloth Diaper Change, and Easter!

Can I have another weekend please?

In spite of being tired (and still quite full), I feel almost ready for a new week to begin – just need a quick recap of the weekend first!

Bean came down with a bit of a cold and was miserable Friday night, so Saturday night we added some eucalyptus and lavender essential oil to the humidifier and it seemed to help quite a bit…she’s almost back to her normal self today (though we are still getting more nighttime wakeups than usual…poor Bean!). I was very thankful to mamas on Facebook for their helpful advice, though I DO have a bit of a beef to share!

Here’s the thing – I posed the exact same question on two pages (essentially: Bean has cold; natural remedies; how much oil should I put in the humidifier). On one page (an AP/natural parenting page that allows fans to post questions and get advice from other fans), I specifically stated that breastfeeding was not an option for us – I knew that if I didn’t, the answers would probably be filled with bf’ing remedies (not that I have anything at all against that – it just wasn’t something that was going to be helpful to me!). Read the rest of this entry »

It’s a No Poo Monday!

No poo!

No poo!

A few weeks ago I posted about going No Poo - basically using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair instead of toxin-laden regular shampoos or super expensive organic products.

Starting today, I’m committing to 2 months (at least) of No Poo.

I’m actually super excited about it because I have a partner in crime – my new friend Delena over at The Modern Aboriginal Mama – she’s going No Poo with me today! :)

(We would love to have you join in too!)

Yesterday I assembled everything I could to make this transition as easy as possible:

  • I bought a pitcher with a pop top for the baking soda – I hate trying to get baking soda out of that little cardboard flap, and I figured the lid on the pitcher will help keep the humidity from turning it into baking soda rocks.
  • I moved an old plastic measuring cup up to the shower so I can mix up the apple cider vinegar and water right there (I am not always that bright – when I originally tried this for a few days awhile ago I mixed up the proportions downstairs and brought them up with me – when I dumped it over my head it was freezing! Yes…I know…but I make these confessions so that if someone else has mommy brain like me I might be able to save them from making that particular dumb move :) )
  • And I mixed up a natural detangler based on a recipe I found on – I have no idea if it works yet, but here’s hoping! :)

My first test will be tonight after my swim. Read the rest of this entry »

My Green Grandma

Drying clothes

Can't wait to get my laundry out on the line

My Grandma is awesome.

She’s the best Nintendo player I know. She’s fun, feisty, and super generous. She’s always willing to learn new things and strives to make personal goals and improvements. Sadly, we don’t live in the same country, but we do get to visit together once a year or so, and I make sure to talk on the phone with her every week.

I totally loved my conversation with her today and wanted to share…

I brought up that I want to start drying my clothes and diapers out on a line now that it’s getting to be warmer weather, and her immediate response was, “I want to do that too!”

We talked about how it will save money on energy costs, how fresh the clothes will be – but ultimately, the main reason we both came back to was the benefit it would be to the environment.

Then I told her I really need to start using cloth wipes (I mean, I cloth diaper…what’s wrong with me?), which she enthusiastically supported.

We moved into the benefits of going paper towel free, discussed ideas (she’s going to make some pretty cloth napkins and get some cheap wash cloths to keep around the kitchen; I have a ton of wash cloths and prefolds laying around that I’m going to move to under the kitchen sink), and made a plan to do it together. We’re even going to look into using hankies instead of Kleenex from now on. :)

The coolest part was her telling me stories from when she was younger and all of these things were the norm – that’s just what they did. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring is in the Air…A Whole New Season With the Bean!


Image by iantmcfarland via Flickr

March 1st…It’s sunny outside, the snow is almost all gone…spring is in the air!

I cannot believe that the Bean is already in her 6th month of being here with me…what a crazy, amazing time this has been!

I’ve learned, I think, more than I ever have in my life. I’ve made a great new friend thanks to the proximity of our baby’s birthdays (one day apart – love to Michelle and the Little! :) ) I’ve become closer to friends who already have children, more understanding of my own parents, and more sympathetic when it comes to other people’s kids.

I’ve changed my own habits…eating healthier, being more active, paying more attention to whether the cleaning and personal care products I use are toxic.

I’ve found new definitions for myself:

  • Mother
  • Attachment Parent
  • Co-sleeper
  • Baby-wearer
  • Cloth diaper mama
  • Intactivist
  • Crunchy
  • Amazing woman who’s body has grown a baby, pushed her out, and continues to hold, comfort and care for her nearly all the hours of the day. :)

Wow…I mean, check me out! Read the rest of this entry »

What’s in YOUR Diaper?

Pocket cloth diaper (insert goes in back) with...

Image via Wikipedia

Not long after the Bean was born, a friend asked me about what kind of cloth diapers I use.

I was so excited that she was interested that I sent her this crazy long, detailed e-mail with all the benefits of cloth diapers, what kinds are good to buy, all of the savings you can have, etc. etc.

The funny thing was, she was only asking me because she wanted to buy one for me as a gift and wanted to subtly make sure she was getting the right brand!

After laughing at myself and being a little embarrassed, I came to realize I am something of a zealot about cloth diapering (I know – aren’t there enough of them out there?)

And I’ll admit…I occasionally feel a small amount of superiority when I’m changing the Bean’s butt in a public washroom, but I also accept that that’s dumb. And the real reason I like to talk about them a lot is because I find them so exciting! (Hey, I’m a mom – poop conversations are a regular and important topic).

I was just thinking about it this afternoon because we have actually been using disposables for the past few days due to the awesomeness of our washing machine breaking. :p We’ve bought the PC Green brand, which work really well and are surprisingly affordable for green diapers – but the garbage! I can go for more than a week without the wastebaskets in my bedroom and the living room being full, but from just 2 days of disposables they are both overflowing.

Even if you don’t care about the environment, you still have to deal with all that trash.

Cloth diapering was actually another non-consideration for me before the Bean came along. I wasn’t against it or anything…I just didn’t even think about it. But then I started reading about other people who were using them, and seeing all the different kinds, and I decided to try it out.

I dragged hubby along to a cloth diaper workshop just so we could get all the confusing terminology worked out and see some of the actual products in person. I don’t think he was ever to thrilled about the idea, but he is mainly obliging to me, and the point of how much money we would save did draw him in.

I decided to start basic – with prefolds. Both because they were super cheap as far as cloth diapers go, and the place where I bought them said they used them all the time and they were wonderful.

They were a disaster! Read the rest of this entry »

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