Luther the dog and Sage the cat.

Sage was our first foray into ‘parenthood’. I wanted a cat SO badly!  We finally got him when we moved into our own house, and Dave unexpectedly loved him as much as I did. Such a sweet little kitten…why do they grow big so fast?

Luther came along when Sage was, I think, a year old (hubby can correct me if I’m wrong – he knows the dates better). Once again, I was the instigator in wanting a dog SO badly! I really wanted a rottweiler too…they are such amazing dogs – the perfect family dog, in my opinion (although sometimes I do think one of Luther’s parents must have been a horse).

Sage and Luther have something of a love/hate relationship – and they frequently seem to be vying for the title of number one trouble causer.

I’ll admit, I’m not always as happy to have them around as I once was. A baby, a trouble cat, AND a giant dog sometimes makes for very frustrating living…

  • Sage tries to go anywhere and everywhere that he is not allowed – whether it is the kitchen table, our room, outside, the baby playpen…he seems to have a magnetic attraction for being anywhere we don’t want him to be.
  • Sage riles up the dog all the time – running past to get Luther to chase him, then jumping a gate where Luther can’t go…then starting the whole process over again.
  • Then there is the endless chore of cleaning the catbox…and when it’s not done, he manages to let us know in unpleasant ways.
  • Luther…don’t even get me started! He ate an entire tub of butter just the other day. The week before that he got 2 cakes and a box of cookies (all of this stuff being far back on our kitchen countertop).
  • He has destroyed 3 phones, 2 remotes, 4 books, 6 pillows, and countless other objects we’ve accidentally left anywhere remotely near where he could chew them – we have to do a scan of the living room every time we leave it to make sure our stuff is safe.
  • Luther is not the greatest with guests…he just constantly wants attention in that still puppy-like way. Which is fine if you’re a puppy. Or a small dog. Or even a medium sized dog. (Not a giant dog).

You will often hear me shouting, “I hate animals!” while hubby, on the other hand, has endless patience and love for even the most outlandish behavior.

The truth is, though…I do love them. They are a pain and a nuisance and a bother…but they are very, very cute. And sweet. And they love us. And I’m very happy for the Bean to get a chance to grow up with pets in her life.

So they’ll probably be sticking around. And if one of them decides to contribute a blog post every once in awhile, don’t be surprised. :)