Becoming Crunchy FamilyWe are a family of 5:

1 Hubby, 1 Wifey, 1 Daughter (the Bean), 1 Dog, 1 Cat.

We’ve been married now for over 4 years. We are new parents – changing our lives and being changed, all for the sake of our daughter (and any future siblings who may wish to join her).

Being lucky Canadians (well, I’m American, but I live here :)), I have the opportunity to be home with my daughter for our first year – something that also gives us ample opportunity to make a lot of the changes that ‘becoming crunchy’ requires.

Otherwise, we are a fairly normal, average family. We like video games. We like camping. We like going for walks with our dog. I try to cook dinner at home most nights, and we’re always trying to be better with money. We don’t watch a lot of TV but we do enjoy dvds and a few shows like Scrubs and Buffy that we own on disc.

Right now, our main goal is to give the Bean the best life she can have, whether that means strengthening our relationship as a couple, making sure we are active, giving her the best food choices, or what have you. We do feel like we’ve entered the best phase of our lives – in spite of the worries, the lack of sleep, the craziness of the pets…it’s a fun time – here’s hoping we can make the best of it!