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Archive for September, 2012

October Unprocessed Week 1 Meal Plan

Tomorrow starts the October Unprocessed Challenge hosted by Eating Rules, which the husband and I have signed up to take along with over 3,000 other participants. We’re part of an October Unprocessed group on Facebook started by my friend Jamey of Two Dudes Foods that I’m hoping will provide a lot of ideas, encouragement, and support (as I know I will be needing it!).

I’m both excited and nervous, wondering if this is a commitment we can really stick to. I do a lot to immerse myself in the world of ‘real food’ but it’s not always enough to stop me from heading through a drive through or picking up a frozen pizza. Meal plans often go really well until we start to get towards the weekend and the dishes stack up or I just get tired of cooking.

For me I think this challenge will be both timely and helpful. There are a lot of people I admire taking part in it. It’s not overwhelming as it’s technically only a month (though one can always hope for new habits to be formed that will last much longer!). And finally autumn is pretty awesome as far as food goes. There are tons of things in season that I enjoy; we always visit at least 2 farms for apple and pumpkin gathering among other things and our organic delivery box is bursting with yummy possibilities.

Of course, the one thing that will help me succeed the best is planning – I really know it when I don’t plan ahead for the week’s menu. We did pretty well last week though I admit we went out for sushi one night and got invited to Thai another, so some of what I planned then will be carrying over in the next few days. One of my biggest accomplishments was the breakfast burritos, which were a huge hit and will easily carry us through this week’s breakfast. It is a huge help to have that extra few minutes in the mornings no longer taken up by making breakfast!

Here’s what we have planned for this week… Read the rest of this entry »

Pinterest Inspired Meal Plan :)

I love Pinterest. Who doesn’t?

I even actually do/make/try the things I pin on a relatively regular basis, though probably not enough to justify all the time I spend on there. So this week I’m putting my Pinterest where my mouth is and planning all our meals around stuff I’ve pinned. It’s time to take advantage of all those great ideas!

(Not 100% grain free, but mostly :))



Wednesday Read the rest of this entry »

Grain Free Menu Plan ~ September 10

Boiled eggs. Boiling time from left to right: ...

Boiled eggs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our journey to healthier eating we seem to have about 2 weeks out of the month that we do pretty great and 2 weeks that we do pretty awful.

I’ve got a pretty good guess on the reason for that (moon times have not been my friend lately) but in the meantime am trying to be grateful for what we have been able to do – and get the husband on board to offer more assistance in the kitchen during the weeks I’m feeling ‘off’.

The most exciting recent development for me is that I’ve finally gotten Dave to really work with me in eating a total real food diet. With his help and encouragement I know I will be that one step closer to making it work. We’re planning a grain free upcoming week and hoping to fully transition to what’s called the Paleo ‘diet’ very soon (something we’ve been doing off and on for several months now) – in our very busy schedule it seems like the strongest possibility to me to make a real food plan work.

We’ve also signed up to participate in October Unprocessed this year – should be a fun group with some great support – definitely stop by to check it out if you are interested!

In the meantime, here’s this week’s meal plan: Read the rest of this entry »

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