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Archive for August, 2011

Love Letter for a Bean ~ August 2011

Laughing w/YaYa at your birthday party

(These posts are inspired by Touchstonez & SausageMama – if you blog and you’re interested in posting a monthly letter to your kiddos, you can grab the badge to join in here).

My dearest girl,

You have been one for almost a week now. Every time I think about it my heart fills up with love and my eyes well up with tears…I wonder what I’ve ever done to deserve such an amazing gift as you…

I know that whenever you eventually read these letters, you’re gonna think your mama is a total sap, but that’s OK. You’ll understand if/when you decide to have your own little ones…this mother’s love that is so piercing it is almost painful.

I know I’ve said it before, but if there is anything I could wish for you Bean, it is that you will always know love from me and from your daddy…that though we will blunder and make mistakes, they won’t be big enough or bad enough to cause you to doubt our love for you.

I can see it now…the amazing confidence you have, resting in the assurance of the love of your family. There is no question in your mind that you are never alone, day or night. What a blessing to be able to give this to you…even when it is not me personally who always gets to be there with you now, yet still you are surrounded by your family always. Read the rest of this entry »

Reader Spotlight at A Little Bit of All of It!

I feel so honored this week to be featured in Julia of A Little Bit of All of It’s Reader Spotlight, where she shares a bio/interview on one of her readers – and this time around it’s all about me! ;D

Julia has become one of my favorite bloggy friends; she writes from the heart, shares lots of fun and informative stuff, and is just an all around super nice and caring mama with a heart for people; I love the interaction I’ve been able to have with her blog and hope you take some time to look around when you head over there!

Julia has also guest posted at Becoming Crunchy – an awesome and interesting post about CSA’s: What Is a CSA and Why Would I Want to Join One?, while I’ve made an appearance at her blog before with a guest post about my take on internet community: For the Love of Mom Bloggers.

I so appreciate Julia giving me the opportunity to get a little bit more personal over at her blog, and hope you get the chance to stop by! Read the rest of this entry »

Blogiversary Giveaway # 7 – A Needle Felted Fairy from Nushkie {CLOSED}

Today we are presenting our Blogiversary Giveaway # 7
courtesy of Nushkie Wool Art!

This giveaway is posted at Becoming Crunchy and Hybrid Rasta Mama. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ON ONE SITE!   

 Rebecca, the brilliant and talented artist behind Nushkie, is truly a master of her craft. There is no other wool felt artist out there whose works can compare. She is generously giving away a special wool felted fairy as seen in the picture.
Read the rest of this entry »

Blogiversary Giveaway #6: $10 Gift Certificate & eBook + Cloth Wipes & Barrettes Gift Pack/$33 ARV {CLOSED}

Today we are presenting our Blogiversary Giveaway # 6 courtesy of The Peaceful Housewife & Lovely Lovelies!

Jenny of The Peaceful Housewife and Nancy of Lovely Lovelies are two amazing WAHM’s right after my own heart – they’ve both created awesome, sustainable, natural products made with love, and I am thrilled to share them with you today!

A sampling of products from The Peaceful Housewife

The Peaceful Housewife sells handmade, natural and eco-friendly housecleaning products like laundry soap, hand soap, dish soap and spray cleaners (I know I’m excited to have a package of her products on the way to me in the mail right now!) and she has generously donated a gift package of a $10 gift certificate to her store (which will get you quite a lot there!) AND her lovely new eBook full of recipes for Natural Household Cleaners. Awesome!

Now, Jenny doesn’t just make and sell great cleaning products – she’s also an amazing lady with a heart for community and a lot of wisdom to share on her blog. I hope you get the chance to check her out!

Today’s giveaway ALSO includes a generous donation from Lovely Lovelies – a brand new business created by a dear friend of mine – I am very excited to be here at the kick off and to share her products with you!

Nancy started out by creating handmade, unique hair clips for her beautiful little girl and enjoyed the process so much that she decided to create the opportunity for others to benefit as well. I know I love putting her clips in my little Bean’s hair!

Prize Pack from Lovely Lovelies

Now, she’s branched out into more creations, and for this giveaway she’s offering a package of two large cloth wipes (great for face cloths!), 2 regular-size cloth wipes and 4 handmade barretteshigh quality, made with love and absolutely adorable!

To re-cap – today’s giveaway consists of a $10 gift certificate to the Peaceful Housewife store, the Natural Household Cleaner eBook from the Peaceful Housewife, a set of 4 cloth wipes (2 large, 2 regular) plus 4 handmade barrettes – WOW! Read the rest of this entry »

Blogiversary Giveaway #5 – Reusable Lunch Pockets From QWERTY O {CLOSED}

Today we are presenting our Blogiversary Giveaway # 5
courtesy of QWERTY O!

Are you looking for yet another way to rid yourself of icky plastic bags, this time in your lunch?
QWERTY O’s fabulous lunch pockets take the place of plastic lunch bags for drier foods and sandwiches.

Giveaway includes three 100% cotton lunch pockets similar to those in the photo:

  • One sandwich pocket to hold a larger sandwich ( 7″x7″ approx)
  • Two smaller pockets to hold dry foods such as trail mix, crackers, fruit, carrot sticks, nuts, etc.

The pockets are easy to clean! Turn them inside out and throw them in the wash at the end of the week with your other kitchen laundry.

Nothing too fancy, the bags close with an elastic strap that pulls around the back to keep the pocket sealed. No noisy velcro to collect crumbs and food. Sides are serged. They turn into convenient little packages you can throw in your purse, lunch bag or a pocket. When unfolded it is large enough to use as a placemat to place your sandwich and sides on but without all the bulk of a large unfolding sandwich wrap.

Please take a minute to learn a little more about the lovely ladies behind QWERTY O.

Read the rest of this entry »

Blogiversary Giveaway # 4 – GAPS Intro eBook From Health, Home, Happiness {CLOSED}

Today we are presenting our Blogiversary Giveaway # 4
courtesy of Cara from Health, Home and Happiness!

This giveaway is posted at Becoming Crunchy and Hybrid Rasta Mama. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ON ONE SITE!
This eBook has been a complete lifesaver for both of us (Kelly & Jennifer) as we embarked upon this GAPS journey. Seriously, it took care of ALL of the meal planning for 30 days. All we had to do was follow the easy, easy recipes (all of which are delicious) and stick with each stage faithfully.
Now, I (Jennifer) was already doing things like making my own ferments and bone broth, but for the newbies out there, Cara offers some VERY easy to follow recipes. Seriously, they are fool proof.
Cara has done an outstanding job of putting together a GAPS resource that includes some basic background information about GAPS, including her suggestions for required reading prior to tackling this new lifestyle. Cara also discusses sourcing food, supplements, kitchen equipment, side effects, bulk food prep, and so much more. One of the greatest things about this eBook is that there is a list of what EXACTLY you can eat in each stage. That is very helpful to be able to refer to quickly.
This really is THE go-to guide for GAPS. Remember when you were in high school and college and grabbed the Cliff Notes version of whatever required reading you put off? Well, consider this the platinum edition of the GAPS Cliff Notes.
Although it is not a substitute for the required reading Cara mentions, it is an eBook worth investing in, both for the ease of meal planning but also as a good introduction to the GAPS Intro Diet if you are on the fence and hoping to learn more about it.

Did we mention that we would be lost without this book? Read the rest of this entry »

Blogiversary Giveaway # 3 – Lucky Lou Lou Felted Soaps {CLOSED – U.S. & Canada}

Today we are presenting our Blogiversary Giveaway # 3
courtesy of Lucky Lou Lou Felted Soap Company!

This giveaway is posted at Becoming Crunchy and Hybrid Rasta Mama. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ON ONE SITE!

Lindy, the brilliant mind and artist behind the Lucky Lou Lou soap line, has created something so very special for you all – today she is generously offering a 3 pack of her felted soaps in Jasmine (pinks), Almond (blues) and Lavender (purples) scent, as well as a sample bar of her new Organic Botanical Soap. The total retail value of this is $42.00.

So what is felted soap?

Felted soaps are awesome chunks of colorful goodness. Lindy’s felted soaps are not only a natural soap product which does an awesome job at cleaning every inch of your precious skin, but they are also works of art!

Lindy uses super soft merino wool sometimes blended with silk to felt around her 100% Vegan cold-press soaps. What you get is a hybrid soap washcloth which gently exfoliates. The soap lasts longer with the felt casing, and when it is gone you have a soft colorful felt pouch to keep using for skin exfoliation in the bath/shower – or you can just cut it open and use it as a pouch.

The soaps she uses are vegan traditional kettle process soaps, carefully blended with eco-friendly palm and coconut oils for their rich, skin moisturizing glycerin. Each cake is wire-cut, air-dried and aged to create a long-lasting soap for exceptional mildness. These soaps are lightly scented and mild for the most sensitive of skins.

Trust us – you will want to win these soaps!

Read the rest of this entry »

Blogiversary Giveaway #2: Ice Pop Joy/$18.95 ARV (CLOSED}

Today we are presenting our Blogiversary Giveaway #2 – the book Ice Pop Joy courtesy of author Anni Daulter & Sellers Publishing!

(This is a joint giveaway that is posted at both Becoming Crunchy and Hybrid Rasta Mama. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ON ONE SITE! :) )

I have to admit, when I first received my copy of the book Ice Pop Joy, by Anni Daulter, for review, I had the sneaky thought running around my head…’It’s a popsicle book. How great could it really be?’

Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that I was way off base – this book is awesome!!

See, I was kind of imagining those Kool-aid popsicles we used to make as kids – open package, stir in sugary powder, freeze and you’re done – an awesome project to be sure (I loved making my own popsicles!) – but certainly nothing I would ever give to my little one…Kool-aid is a thing of the past for this mama!

Ice Pop Joy, of course, it about as far from that as you can imagine – but you still get the tasty, exciting goodness of making your own popsicles – the most important part for the little ones concerned!

It all became clear to me as soon as I started reading a bit more about the author, Anni Daulter. Aside from creating Ice Pop Joy, Anni is a mom of four, one of the editors of Bamboo Magazine: Conscious Family Living (an awesome free online mag – I have been loving their first issue and can’t wait for more!), author of Organically Raised – Conscious Cooking For Babies & Toddlers, working on 2 upcoming books – The Organic Family Cookbook and an Eco-Party Book, and she’s involved in all kinds of other green, healthy, eco-friendly projects – this is one awesome mama! Read the rest of this entry »

Blogiversary Giveaway #1 – Visionwise {CLOSED}

Today we kick off this exciting Blogiversary Giveaway Week with an amazing giveaway
from Visionwise!

This giveaway is posted at Becoming Crunchy and Hybrid Rasta Mama. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ON ONE SITE!

(Hybrid Rasta Mama speaking here…) Lauren, the talented artist behind Visionwise, stumbled upon my blog and through a series of emails, we discovered that we are quite the kindred spirits! We have so much in common and making these connections is one of the reasons I love blogging. It is such a huge world out there, yet so small when you “meet” someone through blogging and form a friendship.

Lauren’s work is amazing. She has a deep connection to the spiritual realm and this is reflected in her work. Her jewelry is gorgeous and each piece has special healing properties depending on the mineral/stone. Her leather cuffs and medicine bags are beautiful works of art, each infused with strength and power. Lauren also offers Chakra flags, prayer flags, dream pillows, and fine art prints/postcards. It is easy to fall in love with Visionwise!

Lauren is generously offering TWO special pieces from her collection. Two pieces means TWO winners!!!!

The first item is a set of her Mini Chakra Flags.

  • Flags measure 3 x 2 1/2 inches
  • Total length of flags from bead to bead is 23 inches with 17 inches at each end for securing
  • Between each flag is a knot of multi-colored yarn…
  • At the end of each side next to last flag is a bead made of recycled glass
  • Flags have unfinished edges and will naturally become frayed by the winds and elements

The second item is a gorgeous Pocket Pouch.

  • Keep your treasured finds, sacred herbs, crystals, or other talismans inside this pouch, to carry the medicine with you
  • This pouch measures 2 inches high, and 1 1/2 inches wide
  • Made with deerskin, natural fiber sinew, and an antiqued silver “Aum” charm

For more information on Chakra, stay tuned for upcoming posts from Hybrid Rasta Mama in September OR check out the Visionwise shop.


Read the rest of this entry »

Hey Hey It’s a Sunday Surf!

Doctor and Child

Image by dmason via Flickr

Squeaking in just under the wire today…

First, I have to vent about our one-year ‘well baby’ checkup at the doctor yesterday. If you are uninterested, feel free to scroll down to the actual Sunday Surf part – I won’t be offended. ;)

Now, I strongly considered not scheduling this checkup in the first place – at this time we are delaying vaccines indefinitely and Bean is certainly a healthy, happy, normal baby (of course, I think she’s exceptional) – but basically as far as development, etc. goes, she’s right about where she ‘should’ be.

Still, she hasn’t been to the doctor for any sort of check-up since she was 5 months old, so I thought to cover all my bases, I may as well go. I’ll also admit - our scale sucks and is likely quite inaccurate, and I was really hoping to find out how much she weighs now!

I did have a small list of questions that I was hoping to get a second opinion on; for the most part I’m comfortable with doing my own research, but I figured, since we are talking to a doctor, I may as well see what she has to say.

The following is the general gist of our conversation… Read the rest of this entry »

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