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The Age Old Monday Question…What the Heck Are We Gonna Eat This Week?

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Right now I’m trying to avoid doing much grocery shopping and just use what we have in the freezer and cupboards this week (somehow we ended up with a ridiculous amount of ground beef at our last grocery shop…).

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past several days about making a HUGE change to my diet, which I’m continuing to contemplate and will be writing about soon – hope it’s not too much suspense for you lol.

At any rate, clearing out the cupboards will help get ready for that as well…

We are also starting to get more veggies from our garden, which I am thrilled to include in this week’s meal plan.

I picked a handful of yellow beans to mix with the organic green beans that came in our veggie delivery, and I think we’ll be ready for another zucchini harvest in a few days (we actually got to eat some zucchini on Sunday – no doggie interference this time!)

So here it is…

Monday Menu Plan:

Breakfasts: Green Smoothies, eggs.

Lunches: Artichokes (truly my favorite lunch ever), sandwiches, leftovers


  • Monday – Blackened Fish w/Green & Yellow beans
  • Tuesday – Bacon, Eggs, & Zucchini otherwise known as Brinner (Breakfast for dinner – thank you Scrubs) :)
  • Wednesday – Roasted Turkey Breast w/Sweet Potato
  • Thursday – Burrito Bowls
  • Friday – Steak & Grilled Veggies
  • Saturday – Meatloaf w/Baked Potato
  • Sunday – We’ll probably eat at the in-laws one night this week so I’ll just interchange with whatever day that ends up happening…

Want more meal plan ideas? Check out A Little Bit of All of It, Becca Lives, Let’s Take the Metro and Job Description: Mommy – and for a TON of meal plan ideas, check out Menu Plan Monday at

What’s on your menu plan this week?

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13 Responses to “The Age Old Monday Question…What the Heck Are We Gonna Eat This Week?”

  • Ana Slocum says:

    I <3 Brinner! Definitely a staple meal here.

  • Anonymous says:

    can I come over?! Love it, Kelly…you are so organized!! Can't wait to hear about your dietary changes…the suspense…is…killing…me…lol!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are welcome any time mama!! ;D

      HAHA I wouldn't really call myself that organized though…I don't think I can remember a week that I actually have stuck to my menu plan for the entire week (I already decided to make turkey tonight instead of fish…) but it does help us eat better for sure – the weeks I don't make a plan are just awful!

      I'll write soon (probably this week) about what I'm contemplating…

  • Julia @ A Little Bit of All of It says:

    Ah yes, Turk’s love for Brinner! My husband and I loved that show!

  • mrs Green says:

    I wanted to check in with you as I did a whole 5 days of zero dairy and zero grains. Man I was craving and starving hungry by day 3 and 4! but days 1 and 5 were awesome; I felt great with lots of energy. back on the oats soaked in yogurt comfort food today though – food is such an emotive thing isn't it? Happy to hear you have some lovely veggies from your garden though – enjoy!
    My recent post Shopping without plastic waste

    • Kelly says:

      Wow good job Mrs. Green! Glad you felt good for some of it at least! :) Food is definitely emotive…very hard to make changes sometimes. I'm guessing you're already on the pretty darn healthy side of it all though. ;)

  • Rachel says:

    Stopping by from MPM! Great site & Healthy food! Are burrito bowls like a a tortilla-less buritto? Always looking for new creative ideas for LESS gains at night. Also, I wanted to invite you to a recently new link up for sharing healthy ideas, tips, going "green" suggestions, recipes, natural rememdies, etc. on Wednesdays! Hope you'll participate!

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks Rachel!

      Yes – burrito bowl is just beans, ground beef or chicken, taco seasoning and whatever toppings you like all mixed in a bowl instead of a tortilla. :)

      Thanks for the invite – I will be sure to stop by and check it out!

  • Amanda says:

    You wouldn't have this problem if you made a monthly meal plan :)

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