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Sunday Surf – June 26, 2011

I was NOT happy when I woke up this morning.

I’m never normally happy upon waking…I’m not one of those people who jumps out of bed with joy to greet the day. But usually by the time I’ve visited the bathroom and brushed my teeth I’m fairly good to go – as long as coffee follows soon after.

This morning though, I was still washing my hands and getting ready to brush my teeth when my husband called me downstairs to look at my daughter’s poopy diaper.

You’d think by now he could deal with this stuff on his own??

The reason he needed my assistance was the fact that there were ‘strange looking’ things in there (the remains of solid food she hadn’t digested) and he was worried. I told him what it was and grumbled back upstairs to brush my teeth.

Then she was acting tired and it was her naptime, so I attempted to get her to sleep for half an hour, which seemed more like 3 hours as I hadn’t yet had my coffee.

Finally we gave it up as a bad job and came downstairs, where I cried and told my husband all about how this was the worst morning ever – especially as he was leaving in 20 minutes to go help someone move and I had to deal with it all by myself and I wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast or have coffee or anything and it was all terrible.

Yes, I am not a morning person.

Of course, after I did consume that magical mug of hot brown caffeinated goodness, I was fine. I guess I owe the hubs a bit of an apology when he comes home. ;)

And when I put the Bean down for her nap (which she actually did go to sleep for this time around) I tried to focus on being there with her in the present – what if felt like to hold her; what my body was feeling, how I was breathing. It was a bit difficult to keep my mind from wandering, but it was nice – it helped stave off the frustration of getting her to sleep and allowed me just to BE – there with her – rejoicing in her body and my own.

I’ve also spent time this morning noticing how gorgeous it is outside – taking advantage of the view from our back yard, glorying in the cloudy/sunny sky, the green field and trees, and the beautiful yellow flowers in my garden.

Usually it does not come very naturally to me to get such an attitude adjustment so quickly when I’m in a pissy mood, but I really have learned a lot this week about being more mindful, thanks to Zoie of TouchstoneZ and the opportunity to participate in her Mindful Mama Blog Carnival.

My own post was about how not mindful I am, but I got some really great advice and learned quite a lot from reading the other posts as well - along with the reassurance that mindfulness doesn’t necessarily require a 2 hour meditation session every day.

So I’m working on it…and just wanted to say how grateful I am to the bloggers involved and everyone who left comments with advice and encouragement for me on my post.

That’s the story of my morning so far. Hopefully yours has been a bit more even-keeled. :)

And with that, here are some of the great posts I’ve been reading over the past week…

  • Still, I can’t help but think that we wouldn’t even be having this argument if Beyoncé was towels.  Honestly, this whole chicken is really a lesson in picking your battles more carefully.  Plus, he’s awesome and I can’t stop giggling every time I look at him.  Beyoncé, that is. Best. 15th anniversary. ever. And That’s Why You Should Learn to Pick Your Battles from The Bloggess
  • Do moms donating to these “milk banks” realize that their milk isn’t going directly to babies in need?  That it’s going to Prolacta to be processed and turned into a product? That Prolacta is profiting from their donated milk?  Unless they’re looking for that information, it’s unlikely. And why would they be searching for that?  Surely a milk bank would never sell their milk…right?Swindled: The Ugly Side of Milk Donation from Just West of Crunchy
  • Offering a myriad of health benefits, coconut oil is affordable, readily available and completely natural. I have completely fallen in love with coconut oil and use it for EVERYTHING. 80 Uses For Coconut Oil from Hybrid Rasta Mama
  • But you don’t understand, I have SUPER greasy hair, so it won’t work for me, will it? This is probably the number one comment that I get.  While my hair is completely different than yours or the next person, I do know that with the majority of people that I have known that have tried No Poo, have way less oily hair than ever before.  Your transition stage may be more difficult, I don’t know for sure, but I can guarantee that you will wash less.  Maybe not every 7 days or so, but maybe every 5.  The point is, you won’t know until you try it! 2 Years of No Poo: Questions & Pictures from Uniquely Normal Mom
  • If you have taken a look at the things I always keep on hand, you might notice that I do not have many (or any) “snacky” foods on it. This is simply because I don’t buy them. That is not to say that I never eat them, (if Steve buys some of these types of things, I might be tempted) but I would rather spend my money on better quality products. So, what do my children eat between meals? Here’s a slightly comprehensive list. Snacks I Give My Kids from Let’s Take the Metro
  • A while ago, I had a follower on twitter comment that she was surprised (and offended) that I had “dropped an F-bomb” in a tweet, and ever since then I have been wondering why she was so surprised. I mean, anyone who knows me knows that when I’m not around the kids, my filthy mouth would put a sailor to shame. A Real Introduction from Alternative Mama
  • Some times I worry, is what I’m doing AP enough?! For instance my two year old will not go to sleep at night with me in the room but I felt if I left the room I was not being AP enough. After months of this I now leave my DS to fall asleep alone after a lengthy breastfeed and cuddles, and guess what, he peacefully falls alseep. Aft…er struggling with this one night I realised all I’m doing is meeting my son’s needs through the cues he has given me and that in itself is AP. So now I try not to think “is what I’m doing AP enough?” and instead think “is what I’m doing meeting the individual needs of my son?”” Oh Dearz from Sausage Mama

There’s some awesome stuff in all those posts – be sure to check them out!

Also just wanted to remind you to enter the giveaway I am hosting with Canadian WAHM Little Miss Kate Designs for a Handmade Reversible Drool Proof Bib – it ends this week, Thursday, June 30th, and is very easy to enter, so make sure you get your chance to win! :)

Hope you have a wonderful week, and do share in the comments if you’ve been reading any amazing posts this week.

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6 Responses to “Sunday Surf – June 26, 2011”

  • Alicia C. says:

    LOL – I know about those mornings and I completely agree that coffee makes the difference! And, when little guy lays down for his nap today, I'm going to focus on being in the moment, too. Great way to unwind from the built-up stress that comes from all of the little things that have added up in the morning.

    Thanks again for condensing some of the best blog posts into one, easy-to-use post for me! I'm excited to read them. Especially the No-Poo one. I loved Hybrid Rasta Mama's post about Coconut oil from this week – made me look at that fuzzy brown thing in a completely different light!

  • Amanda says:

    Ahem. Coffee is an addiction that *real* crunchy people do not partake in.

    ;) ;) ;)

    • Kelly says:


      Coffee is made from beans. Beans grow on trees. Trees are natural and of the earth.

      Therefore, coffee is totally crunchy! In fact, if you chew on a roasted coffee bean, it is crunchy.

      I rest my extremely logical and well thought out case. ;)

  • Thank you so much for sharing my post :D

  • Thank you for the shout out. And I'm grateful that you participated in the carnival with such a great post.

    *clink* my mug to yours. As my oldest says, "mama is dragon ess this morning until she has her chai"

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