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Sunday Surf on Monday

I really wanted to do a Sunday Surf yesterday (I’ve been reading so many amazing posts this week!) but I was just too tired from a crazy busy – but very fun – weekend.

Saturday I was at the home of relatives expecting their first baby very soon. They’ve been renovating an amazing old house for close to 5 years now (and doing an incredible job!) but with their own little bean on the way, things are shifting into high gear and they organized a work party to get some things taken care of.

So the husband and Bean had a daddy daughter bonding day and I did some painting!

It was a fun little switch, and it sounds weird but I feel so cool to have taken part in ‘flipping’ a house – small part though it was. :)

Mother’s Day dawned gorgeously – finally a day that was truly sunny and warm!

Husband made me breakfast (bacon and eggs – yum!) and then we went for a long walk to work off breakfast. When we got home Bean was ready for a nap and we noticed exactly how many weeds had sprung up in our little front yard garden over the past week, so we did a little yard work and made it all pretty.

I then got inspired and decided to mow the lawn, so the front and back yards actually look presentable for once (we moved here last summer when I was pregnant and I could count on my hand the number of times we got the lawn taken care of…I’m sure our neighbors will be happier this year lol).

I also got started on my straw bale garden! I probably should have begun before now, but life intervenes…

I’ve got an upcoming post with more details on what the heck is a straw bale garden, but basically when you make one it requires around 10 days of ‘conditioning’ before you can plant, so that is the process I started yesterday. I am also pretty crap when it comes to gardening, so crossing my fingers that this works!

We ended the day with a BBQ in which I tried an experiment that went well with my veggie skewers – I added a whole clove of garlic every 3-4 veggies on the skewer, so the garlic roasted right along with them.

It. Was. Awesome!

That is definitely going to factor into veggie shish kabobs from now on!

And with that, here are some of the awesome posts I’ve been reading over the past week:

  • There have been a few defining moments for me, through our trying to conceive journey, and yesterday was absolutely one of the magical ones I know I’ll never forget.  Yesterday was the day I realized the anger was gone.  I waited for the jealousy, and grief to sweep over me…  but it just didn’t.  Yesterday, I realized that I had finally let go of the anger, jealousy and resentment that has been holding me back and changed who I was before our struggle with infertility. Talk To Me, Sweet Baby from Up, Down and Natural
  • One of the key indicators used to calculate well- being for mothers is lifetime risk of maternal mortality. The United States’ rate for maternal mortality is 1 in 2,100 – the highest of any industrialized nation. In fact, only three Tier I developed countries – Albania, the Russian Federation and Moldova – performed worse than the United States on this indicator.Where’s the Best Place to Be a Mother? And Where’s the Worst? from Ceridwen on Babble.
  • The lessons of childhood and of our culture are so pervasive I can’t even eat a meal or spend an afternoon in the sun without judging myself worthy or unworthy. Do I deserve to feel good? Do I deserve to be happy? If I’m not happy; what am I doing wrong? How can I be a better person so I’m happy all the time? How can I be happy all the time so I feel like a better person?Just Deserts from Imperfect Happiness
  • So we went to the mirror and she had a look. She instantly had a big smile on her face. “I like it.” she said. “It’s not like mommy and not like daddy. It’s like me.”Physical Authenticity from Authentic Parenting
  • In order to boost their eco credentials, PriceMinister has launched ‘The Green Chain’ for bloggers to raise money for charity. They say if you take part in their eco interview, they’ll donate £10 to either Surfers Against Sewage, Trees for Cities or Young People’s Trust for the Environment.The Green Chain – Supporting Environmental Charities from the Little Green Blog
  • I’ve even had a hard time deciding on what to write about it because it’s not something we examine very closely in our house, like breathing, or brushing our teeth in the morning, breastfeeding is a part of our everyday lives.The Next Generation of Moms: When Breastfeeding Comes Full Circle on Best for Babes (this was written by Ella Rose Julian, 16 year old daughter of Justine Julian who writes an awesome blog called State of the Heart)
  • By and large, the parents I encounter care as deeply for their children as I do for mine.  They are thoughtful and reflective.  They take parenting decisions seriously.They’re Judging You from Just West of Crunchy
  • Hallet said he has delivered more than 500 African babies, Pygmy and non-Pygmy. He described Pygmy labor as being very short, natural, and easy, even for a first-time mother. And this is in spite of the fact that Pygmy babies are, proportionally, the biggest babies in the world. For example, an 80-pound Pygmy mother typically gives birth to an eight-pound baby, about one-tenth of her body weight. This would compare to a 130-pound woman birthing a 13-pound baby. A Pygmy Model for Beautiful Parenting from The Natural Child Project (not technically a blog post but fascinating all the same!)

I love having such awesome inspiration from the bloggy world! Have you read any great posts over the past week?

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