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Menu Plan Monday 5/16/2011

The Menu

The Menu

I don’t know that I’ll be on the ball enough to do this every Monday, but Julia over at A Little Bit of All of It has inspired me to give it a shot. :)

Personally, I love reading people’s menu plans as it means I can steal ideas (it’s also handy for me to come back to my blog to see what I’m supposed to be cooking. ;) )

At the moment, we are going grain free and sugar free – something that originally started out as a 2 week plan and will probably extend a bit longer than I originally thought – mainly because we are loving the results! I still think we will eventually incorporate grains back into our diet, but we’ll be making many changes to the way they are prepared and how frequently they’re consumed.

In the meantime, here’s my grain free menu plan for this week:


  • eggs
  • smoothie & cheese
  • smoothie & eggs
  • fruit & cheese
  • smoothie & eggs
  • eggs & bacon
  • eggs & bacon

Not very creative, I know…but I just don’t ever feel very creative in the morning – and these things are easy to make and also fairly cheap (as long as I remember to wash the blender!). I’ll probably be able to come up with something better next week.

One tip with the bacon – I get one package and cut it in half – it’s easier to fry the smaller pieces and we can use the rest later. I learned that from my dad. :)


  • black beans w/avocado
  • cottage cheese & fruit
  • lentils, eggplant, leeks (leftovers)
  • cottage cheese & raw cut up veggies w/hummus
  • chicken breast
  • no lunch (brunch)
  • no lunch (brunch)

My requirements for lunches? It has to be easy! I am here on my own with the Bean so I need things that are fast and easily consumable. It also helps a lot if I chop up veggies and fruits on the weekend or the previous evening.

I may at some point look into making my own cottage cheese. I also have some chickpeas in my cupboard that are anxious to become hummus.


I was supposed to make the lentils last week but I kept forgetting to soak the lentils. I remembered to soak them Saturday night but we ended up going out to eat with relatives on Sunday. Hope they’re still good after soaking so long!


  • homemade trail mix
  • fruits & veggies
  • yogurt
  • apples & peanut butter
  • shrimp
  • celery w/cream cheese or peanut butter

Looks like it’s gonna be a tasty week!

What’s your favorite go to meal or snack?

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4 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday 5/16/2011”

  • Is it ok to be envious? I really struggle with an addiction to grains. I've given all up but oats. I am adding more protein, but to be honest I've not felt heaps better and I'm a bit disappointed by that. However I hear people who give up grains feel SO much better. I've been sugar free for about 15 years and that bit works really well; I most certainly DO feel the positive benefits of that one ;) Enjoy making the homous…
    Mrs green @littlegre recently posted..Cooking with children

    • Kelly says:

      Oh Mrs. Green I think I`m the one who should be envious of you! I think you`re much more on the track of being healthy than I am…

      As far as not feeling better…that`s kind of why I continue to believe that I don`t know that grains are really bad, per se, for everyone (though as I`ve said I don`t really know one way or another). For me a lot of the feeling good is weight loss, and I do think more healthy proteins (particularly in breakfast) help give me a boost…but it`s all about finding that balance, of course.

      And I totally ate ice cream this week. :p Talk about addiction! One day at a time, right?

  • Yay! Love that your (sort of) joining me in Menu Plan Monday! :) I always enjoy seeing your menus! They are so much healthier than mine (even if my husband didn't like that black bean brownies). ;) I want to try those zucchini pizzas for sure! And I totally come back to my blog entry to look up the recipes and see what I've planned for the week! I actually have the edit post window open while I make my list so it's the only place I have it written down. See, I'm just being green! I make my list using, too so no paper is harmed. Ha!

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks Julia!

      Don`t give me too much credit though…I don`t always stick to my awesomely healthy meal plans :p. I do more often than I used to though! I like to see it as a work in progress…

      Very much love the `save the paper`excuse…I mean, reason. ;)

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