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Sometimes I Feel Like I’m the Only Girl at School Who Doesn’t Have a Green Period




This Earth Week at Becoming Crunchy we’re talking Mama Cloth and other reusable, sustainable products for that time of the month.

Yesterday I reviewed cloth pads from Moms Crafts 4 U, along with Earth Mama Angel Baby Monthly Comfort Tea – stop by and check it out if you haven’t gotten a chance to yet!

Today I’m reviewing Lunapads and the Diva Cup.

If you’ve heard of cloth pads or menstrual cups at all, you’re probably heard of these 2 products…I’m guessing they’re the most well known out of the bunch.

I actually really didn’t like the idea of the Diva Cup (more on that later) but didn’t feel a week of reviews would be complete without it, so I gamely gave it a try. Here are my impressions:


Lunapads has been around since 1993 – they are based out of Vancouver, Canada. They were originally created by fashion designer Madeleine Shaw when she became concerned about the health issues surrounding conventional disposable menstrual products. She was later joined by chartered accountant Suzanne Siemens; together they made the business into what it is today (they are now sold in 40 different countries!).

My first experience with Lunapads was when I was looking for a better solution to postpartum bleeding than those giant overnight disposables (I didn’t have confidence that the disposables would work very well…for some reason the idea of postpartum bleeding was ridiculously scary to me – it actually wasn’t quite as bad as I had anticipated. Oh the fears of first time pregnant mamas ;) ).

At any rate, Lunapads had some pretty awesome looking postpartum stuff, but I didn’t really want to pay for it when I wasn’t even sure I liked the idea or if it would work. Though with the money I ended up spending on all those overnight pads, I probably would have saved more if I had just bought the Lunapads!

Starting with customer service:

I was very happy with the service from Lunapads. Their website is clear and informative, and they have a huge array of products - pretty much anything you could imagine wanting or needing for your period and more – I really like the idea of their Lunapanties! (They also have a whole bunch of instructional videos).

I had actually hoped to purchase them in a store and save the shipping cost, so I went to one not too far away from me that was listed on their website as a distributor, only to find that they didn’t actually sell them anymore.

I contacted Lunapads to let them know, and they got back to me right away – apologized and said they would remove that store from their list. The woman who contacted me also suggested giving a store a call to double check before driving there – just FYI. :)

By that point I was afraid I wouldn’t get them in time, but I went ahead and placed the order and they were at my house within a week – fast shipping is always a plus!

I didn’t purchase a lot from them – they are what I would consider to be more on the pricey side and I didn’t want to invest a lot without making sure I liked them, so I basically checked the sale page and bought what was there. I ended up with one wide long pad and wing liner, and one wide maxi pad and wing liner (you can see them in the picture above). There’s not a big difference between the two – one is just longer.

I used a discount code which reduced the price by $7.00, so my total with $5.00 shipping was $32.92 Canadian (would have been closer to $40 without the discount).

First off – these are huge! If you are not a plus size gal (I am) you may want to go with a smaller version.

Personally, if I am using a pad alone, I like the security of bigger and longer, so I didn’t really mind (and once I had them in I couldn’t feel them there).

As with all the cloth pads I tried, they came with wings and closed with a snap – super easy and I felt it was much more secure than the sticky stuff of disposables (they don’t shift around like disposables do).

The Lunapads have the option of being worn alone or adding the extra layer for more absorbency. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way the extra layer sat on top – there are ric rac bands on either side that you just stick the liner under – they are what holds it in place (and you can actually use more than one liner for greater absorbency). What I didn’t like was that there was nothing to hold the liner wings down – it ended up being secure, but it didn’t feel very secure.

This is definitely a personal preference thing – I am someone who doesn’t feel very comfortable using a pad alone due to a past of heavy periods and almost always using tampons and pads together. To me, the feeling of a lot of coverage and the pad being securely in place is important. I think the more I use the Lunapads, the more used to them I will be. (I also wouldn’t think it would be as much of an issue with a smaller pad and liner).

One cool thing is that you can actually purchase a bunch of liners and just switch them out so that the pad itself is reusable all day, which is definitely a way to make them more affordable, though the more liners you add, the thicker you get, which I know some people do not prefer.

I used my Lunapads alone during a heavy flow day and once at night – definitely did not experience any leaks. There was one day that the flow went through the liner, but there was barely even a mark on the pad itself. I would have full confidence using these pads alone during heavy days (though if I used them on the heaviest nights I might get a few more liners). They do have awesome coverage and absorbency.

All in all, I was happy with their products, and I can definitely recommend them. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Well known and well established
  • Informative website; good customer service
  • Pretty; Good quality
  • Excellent coverage
  • Fast shipping
  • Functional – NO leaks
  • Runs an awesome charity called Pad4Girls


  • They appear to be on the more expensive side (there are certainly cheaper options out there) – may be difficult to build up a stock in the beginning if you are low on funds and you choose to use this brand alone.
  • The bigger ones I purchased may be considered bulky and thick by some (Lunapads definitely has smaller and thinner options, however!).

Please let me know if you have any questions about Lunapads in the comments section.

I fear I am getting too long here and the Bean has woken up from her nap, so I’m going to transition the Diva Cup review to later today. :)

Have you tried Lunapads? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I purchased all the products I am reviewing with my own money (though 2 of the pads were a gift). The giveaway has been donated. I am not affiliated with any of the companies I will be reviewing with the exception of Earth Mama Angel Baby – I do receive a small commission from them if you purchase through my link. I am committed to full disclosure and to offering you un-biased, helpful information in this blog.

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3 Responses to “Sometimes I Feel Like I’m the Only Girl at School Who Doesn’t Have a Green Period”

  • Morgan says:

    Hi Kelly!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Lunapads! We actually offer quite a range of sizes of pads and pantyliner, everything from a Teeny 6 inch Pantyliner all the way up to our 14" Heavy Pad for Post Partum use. You can choose the size and customize the thickness to meet your needs.

    In regards to cost, Lunapads can actually work out to be cheaper than other, more traditional all-in-one or envelope style cloth pads. Because the absorbent Liner Insert is worn on top of the pad, you can wear just 1 pad all day long! All you need to change is the Liner Insert. Since Liner Inserts are relatively inexpensive (around $6 for a set of 2), 1 pad and 3 Liner Inserts will get you through a day at a 1 time cost of around $23.00.

    Compare that to an all-in-one or envelope cloth pad where you have to change the whole she-bang around 3 times a day, you could end up paying anywhere from $30 to $45 depending on the brand!

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Morgan,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I did try to make it clear in my posts that I am only reviewing a very small selection of products from each place, so I appreciate you reiterating that you do offer greater selection. :)

      I agree that Lunapads are a great investment, but the cost can appear to be higher in the beginning (I offered a better breakdown on cost and the type of money you can save using cloth pads in this post:… )

      I would like to comment on your example – not to be contradictory, but I know that I personally would use more than 3 pads in one day, particularly if I was relying on pads alone, though of course everyone is different and that may well be sufficient for some. :)

      I think in the end the cost probably ends up evening out among everyone – any way you do it you're saving money over disposables, right? :)

  • I think I’d like to try the larger pads – I bought one of their smaller pantyliners and wish it were a bit bigger.

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