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Love Letter for a Bean – April 2011

Love Letters for a Bean(These posts are inspired by Touchstonez & SausageMama – if you blog and you’re interested in posting a monthly letter to your kiddos, you can grab the badge to join in here).

Dear Bean,

I think I must be confused. I find it very hard to accept that you are 8 months old today. Are you sure it’s not 7 months? That I didn’t mix up the dates?

Because Little Miss – you are growing way too fast!

It’s such sadness and joy together that sometimes I can hardly bear it…you’re doing new things every day and you feel bigger and more heavy when I hold you…it’s getting harder to imagine how tiny you were when you made your appearance 8 months ago. I look at pictures and I’m astounded to see the changes that have come so fast.

As always, all you want to do is move…it’s rare to see you sitting still for more than 5 minutes. You’ve been crawling, pulling yourself up to stand…and I see you with that gleam of desire in your eye whenever you see children walking. I feel you’re thinking, “I WILL make that happen just as soon as I’m able!

You are a little girl who is going places!

Sometimes that’s scary…like when you roll off our bed. You have really got to stop doing that! I’m just thankful we took it off the frame…Daddy is now contemplating having us all sleep on the floor! His next plan of action is to dismantle the pillow fort he’s built for you in the living room and surround the bed with couch cushions…sometimes I think you’re lucky you’re so darn cute. ;)

You’re talking all the time, of course. You try to sing with me, studying my mouth moving most intently when I sing the alphabet song. It’s fascinating to see your learning in progress so clearly.

You’re loving the 5 in the bed song at the moment…especially the Roll Over part (is that because you love to roll over so much?). You’ve also enjoyed a selection of Red Hot Chile Pepper songs a la Mommy…we’ll have to get you started on something more contemporary next.

In some ways, this past month has not been easy…you appear to have become a little sleep rebel – waking up a lot at night and fighting your naps. It frustrates me sometimes more than I would like, but in quieter moments I can see your huge desire to just not miss anything; to get the most time possible to practice all your new skills, and I can recognize that it won’t be long before I miss these days.

In the spirit of your determination to do it all for yourself, I’ve finally figured out to let you feed yourself…I must apologize for the ‘puree period’! I knew you weren’t a big fan of all that, and it’s still not always easy for me not to help you, but I’m having a lot of fun now watching you explore your food and learning to trust you to do what you need with it.

Of course, Luther is loving this baby led weaning too – he finally gets to be a table scrap dog with the food you love flinging on the floor! I must confess I don’t really mind – it saves me the cleaning! :)

You’ve been spending more time with your grandparents this month too, and having so much fun with them! You know I hate giving you up for any amount of time, but the way time is flying it’s going to be all too soon that I have to leave you for work, so it’s something both of us need to start getting used to. And in spite of reservations that your grandpa and grandma are going to feed you up with candy (I plan on telling them that you’re allergic to sugar!), I’m grateful that they’re here to take care of you…I know they love you almost as much as we do!

I’m still sitting here not believing another month has gone by. You even had your first Easter – complete with being much more excited about the basket and the tags than the actual toy you got.

It seems it’s finally getting to be warm here…I cannot wait to have you outside as much as possible this summer. I so look forward to sharing this time with you…letting you feel the grass – the sunlight on your skin. Taking you camping and swimming and walking. It has been a long winter – both of us need to get out!

Oh Bean…you are the best little girl a mama could ever wish for. I do get frustrated. I get too tired. I’m far from perfectly happy and perfectly mama at all times. But your sweet face and beautiful laugh make everything wonderful…you bring me more joy than I ever imagined would be possible. I just hope some of your sunny character rubs off on me!

I love you more than words can say my dear…and cannot wait to spend this next month with you.

I love you!


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One Response to “Love Letter for a Bean – April 2011”

  • What a perfect snapshot of this month. I can picture you going back to read this next year and getting all mushy about how much your big girl has changed. I love this time when they are approaching the one year mark. They are about to do so much that feel hugely transitional.

    Your dog handling clean up cracks me up. Ha! We got a dog partially for that reason, too.
    Zoie @ TouchstoneZ recently posted..Letter to Littles- April 2011

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