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Green Living & a Sunday Surf

Green Living Show - food

Gotta love free food samples! :)

So far it’s been a pretty great weekend…I had the chance to head downtown to the Toronto Green Living Show on Friday with my MIL and brother-in-law (and the Bean, of course!) and hubby is interested enough that we’re going to stop by again for a few hours today on the way to visit some friends.

It’s always fun to get a chance to see all the exhibits of various things green (though I do find it rather ironic to look at the pile of paper pamphlets and fliers I came home with…hopefully most of it’s made from recycled paper!).

I got a chance to try Kefir – something I heard of only recently, and may look into incorporating it into my diet. Bean tried some carrot juice (she was a fan) and some banana baby yogurt (not a fan), and of course I got all kinds of fun food samples (favorite was the sheep cheese…I really like sheep cheese :) ).

I also purchased some Indian spices from Arvinda’s – very much looking forward to trying out some of her recipes, and 2 SmartKlean laundry balls – something I have been intrigued by for awhile now (I’ll do a review once I’ve had the chance to try them out for a bit).

Yesterday was mostly a cleaning day, along with a bit of rearranging in the living room, but I got a chance to relax and read a novel too, which feels like something I haven’t done in awhile.

Along with that, I’ve been reading a lot of great posts this week – so without further ado, here’s your Sunday Surf!

(Oh, and stay tuned for ANOTHER Sunday Surf later today that will feature my favorites from last week’s Carnival of Natural Parenting – SO many good reads that they deserve a post all their own. :) )

  • If more women were pastors or preachers,
    we’d have a lot more sermons and books about the metaphors of birth
    in relation to the Christian life.
    (I am kind of tired of sports metaphors.)” – In Which This is the Stuff of God from Emerging Mummy
  • By definition, a packaged food that is cheap enough to be manufactured in bulk, durable enough to be shipped across the country or around the world, and stable enough to last for weeks, months, or even years on shelves IS NOT “NATURAL.”” – Packaged “All Natural” Foods from Food Renegade
  • Let’s just say that this recipe is family food gold. It’s way tastier than you think it’ll be. I’m even talking to you (three) people who think that plain steamed kale and quinoa sounds tasty.” – One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf from One Hungry Mama
  • High-fructose corn syrup, sugar — no difference…The point is they’re each bad — equally bad, equally poisonous.” – Is Sugar Toxic from the New York Times (via Garden Variety Mama) – (not a blog, but an interesting read all the same)
  • When Jesus talked about children, He didn’t focus on sinful natures and warn parents to be on guard for any demonstration of rebellion.  Instead, He told the adults that they needed to become like children.” – Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve from Dulce de Leche
  • Everyone gets why 2 a.m. feedings are stressful. It’s the 2 p.m. feedings, drenched in sunlight in a cozy chair that inspire lookers-on to assume you must be steeping in maternal bliss. It’s that assumption that adds an extra level of “AAAAAAAGGGGGH” to it.” – A Moment Vs. Every Single Moment from Honest to Betsy
  • You have dwelled
    inside of my heart
    since the beginning of time
    and will remain there
    without end.” – A Poem From the Middle of the Night With Baby by Hybrid Rasta Mama at The Peaceful Housewife
  • I had my five children in another province, away from my home. My husband was not there. He feels that there is a gap in his life … that he was robbed of what was very important in our lives. … In our culture, the baby is to feel welcome. He is to be welcomed by the whole community.” – Inuit Midwife Delivers in the Outback from the Ottawa Citizen (via Crunchy Parenting (with a side of reality) )- (another one that is not a blog, but a great read)
  • If I’m the (supposed) adult in control here and I’m having trouble not melting down, how must it feel to someone without experience with emotional control?” – Flipping Off Your Kids from TouchstoneZ

That’s some good reading!

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget – Becoming Crunchy is hosting a giveaway for a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace (and it is open worldwide!) that ends TONIGHT at 9PM EST. Entry is super easy, so be sure to get yourself in before it closes.

Also, definitely come by next week – I’ll be doing a series of reviews on Mama Cloth and other natural, reusable menstrual products, with another giveaway on Friday!

Hope your Sunday is going awesome. ;)

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5 Responses to “Green Living & a Sunday Surf”

  • rebecca says:

    DOH! I forgot all about the show. Hope your Hubby had a good time too!
    rebecca recently posted..weaning off soap!

    • Kelly says:

      It was fun Rebecca! :) I only heard about it randomly on Twitter like, the day before it started – lucky me! ;) (I usually have no idea what's going on…thank goodness for social media!)

  • Thank you for the kind words and link! I'm looking forward to trying the quinoa & kale recipe. Yum! And I also loved Dulce de Leche's post. Another blog I'm happy to be following, too.

    • Kelly says:

      Looks awesome, right? I need to buy some quinoa, so I'll probably be using my Kale with potatoes this week, but it's on my list of things to make soon. :D Let me know how it turns out!

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